Here's why you should join afsa


AFSA is your Partner in Training

A well-trained workforce gives you the competitive edge. AFSA’s membership benefits include substantial discounts to access the best in training for:

Commercial and Residential Apprenticeship / Craft

System Layout / Designer

Sales / Estimating / Project Management / Inspection

Fire Sprinkler eCampus Online training

Online training for supervisors

New Technology and Products through a variety of options, including correspondence courses, hands-on classes, travelling seminars, webinars, online training courses, and DVDs.

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Technical Resources

AFSA membership benefits include access to important industry resources such as Informal Interpretations, which are written interpretations available from the AFSA Technical Services Department on any subject related to automatic fire sprinklers. These informal interpretations are generated from the AFSA library, NFPA Standards, building codes and the AFSA Technical Committee.

Public Relations & Industry Promotion

AFSA works within the industry and the media to promote fire safety and an awareness of the value of fire sprinklers in saving lives and property. AFSA is a source of information on legislative activities throughout the nation, and we serve as a clearing house for information and statistics that could help promote fire sprinklers in your local area.

Representation & Professionalism

Chapter membership increases your awareness of developments in the region where you do business and it increases public awareness through local events and charitable contributions such as chapter golf tournaments. AFSA chapters work aggressively in state and local legislatures for positive fire safety requirements, as well as watching for legislation that is detrimental to merit shop contractors.

Legal Consultation

As a membership benefit, all AFSA members are entitled to free, initial legal consultation, over the phone, with a nationally known attorney who specializes in labor litigation.


As an AFSA member, you can influence the direction of our industry by participating in the many segments of AFSA leadership such as:

AFSA Chapter Leadership

AFSA National Committees

Manufacturers and Suppliers Council

NFPA Committee Representation

AFSA Board of Directors